Cargo Freight Exchange meets the supply and demand of transportation services for cargo freight. Using the system, members can arrange shipping and logistic transactions with no limits. There are no limits for any cargo category, as well as any kind of transportation. Any freight holder would be able to benefit from multiple options i.e. one type of transportation (truck, train, ship or airplane etc.), or multiple types of transportation (from point A to point B by truck, from point B to point C by ship, from point C to point D by train, from point D to point E by airplane etc.). The System permits all cargo shippers to look for multiple transportation options and allows transportation companies to utilize their services better.
The Cargo Freight Exchange will not have any responsibilities regarding any transaction initiated on the System. All parties are solely liable for providing proper documentation, reliable transportation, cargo insurance, timely payments and any other transaction related documents in order to complete a transaction. The only responsibility of the Cargo Freight Exchange is to provide high quality services to its members and to create a virtual exchange where its members will be able to meet new customers, to compare market prices and optimize transportations costs.
Any party interested in a transaction should contact directly the other side and work out all details of the deal. The Cargo Exchange Freight will not participate in any way in the final aspects of any transaction.
Short tips for users
Any offer posted on the Cargo Freight Exchange represents a commodity which will be sold at the best possible price of the system. If you'd like to make your offer more appealing, you have to post as many details as possible. Posting a single word on your offer probably will make it very unattractive. That's why you should consider the following:
- Make your offer attractive - Make sure the price of the products/services your company is offering/looking for is competitive. Please don't place bids or offers which are way below market in order to get attention only. Violators will be removed from the web site.
- Suggest reliability your offer - If your company posts a transaction and there are a few bids/offers, your company will contact the most attractive one. That's why posting transactions with more details, attractive prices and reliable information is important if bidders want to be contacted.
- Provide as many details as possible - More details will provide clarity, reliability and make your offers/bids more attractive and will increase probabilities for the other parties of a transaction to contact you.
If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your opinion would be highly appreciated. We would be more than happy to implement any valuable suggestion.
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